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Family tree updated November 2, 2022


The display imbedded on the left is basically a cover page for information about thousands of people. You may browse through it interactively, starting with an individual from the index or a family surname. From there, you can look for the person’s ancestors, spouse, or children. I would suggest that you open the display in a new tab for the extra space. Because there’s so much information, a desktop computer may be a good option, but it will work on a tablet or smartphone.

The interactive database is now complete for all of my ancestors back to about the era of the Revolutionary War. A couple of trails go back to ancient royalty.

Interestingly, DNA is starting to play an occasional role in posing and resolving questions. Presumably this will grow exponentially as data bases become larger.

The focus of this tree is my own ancestry. I have included as incidental findings siblings of persons in my direct line where I have come across them, but most often have not directed research at them, except in a few cases where there was special cause or interest. Lists of siblings may not be complete, and most often there is no further documentation beyond the single source cited.

Please feel free to ask me if you have questions about something that isn’t shown here. I encourage people to contact me about areas of original research, because there may be materials or questions beyond those shown here. I will respectfully decline, however, any requests for bulk transfers in GEDCOM or other exchange formats.


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