Paul Nordberg self-portrait

The process of developing and maintaining a web site for myself naturally raised the puzzle: What, precisely, are you doing with your life? Good question. Still, a bit daunting when put so directly.

The content here is what I do with my own personal life. It turns out, as I discovered simply by following and listing, willy-nilly, and examining what I've listed, that that life is about things that I love.

In the end it is very reassuring to step back and reflect that there are so many pieces and so many loves.

My life has included full-time professional work, which is a more complex topic than I will set out to cover here. Until about three years ago, most of the rest of my waking hours were devoted to family, which was the right focus then but made for an intense period of my life. That period is now clearly in the past, and I have retired from full-time work as well. I am in a new period of life. I am excited and hopeful about the opening horizons.

My experience has been that having a web site is one good way of sharing with people when closer contact isn't practical. Sometimes it turns out as well to reveal facets that we hadn't known of each other. I hope that you will pass on your own thoughts and news, and that you will come back and visit again another day.

– Paul Nordberg

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